Getting Married Soon? Get your Ante-nuptial Contract Sorted
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Getting Married Soon? Don’t forget to Consider these Legal Matters!

Are you planning on getting married soon?

Here are a few matters you need to consider before you say “I DO”:

  1. If you would like to be married out of community of property then you must consult a Notary Public and sign an ANTE-NUPTIAL CONTRACT PRIOR to the actual marriage taking place.
  2. If you do not sign an Antenuptial contract as mentioned above then you will be married IN COMMUNITY OF PROPERTY to each other as that is the default matrimonial regime in terms of South African Law. This would mean there is just one JOINT ESTATE for both spouses.
  3. A Notary Public will also explain the different types of Antenuptial contracts that you may enter into, such as WITH or WITHOUT the Accrual System in terms of the Matrimonial Property Act No 88 of 1984.
  4. Prior to your marriage, it may also be a good idea to sign a Will so that your estate can be administered according to your wishes.

If you need any assistance with the above please contact Hartzenberg-Mabeya Attorneys at 021 761 0763/083 287 2401 or email Alida at to arrange a consultation.